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Family Guy

Episodios: 20

1. Padre de Óscar

"Padre de familia" vuelve a contar tres historias ganadoras del Óscar: "El silencio de los corderos", "American Beauty" y "Forrest Gump".


Seth MacFarlane

Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Stewie Griffin / Glenn Quagmire / Tom Tucker (voice)

Alex Borstein

Lois Griffin / Tricia Takanawa / Loretta Brown / Barbara Pewterschmidt (voice)

Seth Green

Chris Griffin (voice)

Mila Kunis

Meg Griffin (voice)

Mike Henry

Cleveland Brown (voice)
Bruce the Performance Artist (voice)
Cleveland Brown / Greased-up Deaf Guy (voice)
Dad (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Shark (voice)
Cleveland Brown / Bruce the Performance Artist (voice)
John Herbert / Consuela (voice)
John Herbert / Giant Mutant Rat (voice)

Patrick Warburton

Joe Swanson (voice)
Joe Swanson as Wise Man (voice)
Joe Swanson as Imperial Probe Droid (voice)
Joe Swanson (voice) (uncredited)
Joe Swanson / Joey Duchamp / Boggs (voice)
Joe (voice)
Joe Swanson / Superman (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson

Jerome (voice)
Cleveland Brown Jr. (voice)
Bill Cosby (voice)
Drill Sergeant (voice)
Football Player (voice)
Jerome / Marvin Gay, Sr. / Pirate (voice)
Rerun (voice)
Giant Chicken (voice)
Bear (voice)
Man (voice)
Bronson / Mean Joe / Mr. Plimpton / Sebastian (voice)
Roadblock (voice)
John Sanford (voice)
League Member #2 / Black Professor (voice)
Snoop Dogg (voice)
Stewie I'Like (voice)
Black King (voice)
Cleveland Brown, Jr. (voice)
Black Guy (voice)
CIA Director (voice)
Cleveland Brown, Jr (voice)
African Warlord (voice)
Sudanese Men / Bouncer (voice)
Security Guard (voice)
Jerome / Military Man (voice)
David Ortiz (voice)
Harvard President (voice)
Scotty Pippin (voice)
Police Officer (voice)
FBI Agent (voice)
Jack Skellington / Cleveland Brown Jr. (voice)
Chris Griffin on Mushrooms (voice)
Strong Black Man (voice)
Kryptonian Council (voice)
Jim Crow from 'Dumbo' (voice)
Alex / Fat Man (voice)
Charles Barkley (voice)
Doug the Pimple (voice)
Jerome / Dognapper's Accomplice (voice)
Cleveland Brown Jr. / Jerome (voice)
Black the Waterbear (voice)
Bouncer (voice)
Sun (voice)
Rapper (voice)
Black To The Future Narrator (voice)
Jerome / Daddy Pig (voice)
Jerome / Black Jesus (voice)
Hijacker (voice)
Bouncer in Peter's Stomach (voice)
Peabo Bryson (voice)

Adam West

Adam West (voice)
Mayor Adam West as Grand Moff Tarkin (voice)
Mayor Adam West / Fairy Godmother (voice)
Mayor Adam West (voice) (archive sound)
Mayor Adam West / Ace Merrill (voice)

Rachael MacFarlane

Various (voice)
Olivia (voice)
Girlfriend / Lois Lane / Mad Men Producer / Nurse (voice)
Mom Group Leader (voice)
Wanda (voice)
Decapitating Nun (voice)
Peaches (voice)
Savannah Guthrie / R / Waitress (voice)
Madonna (voice)
Britney Spears (voice)
Girl (voice)
Mom (voice)
Baby Elisabeth Hasselbeck (voice)
Jacqueline (voice)
Barbara (voice)
Shelley Duvall (voice)
Marina Oswald (voice)
Becky (voice)
Miss Tammy / Norwegian Girlfriend (voice)
Human Resources Manager / Kim Kardashian's Friend (voice)
Minnie Mouse / Kate Moss (voice)
Carrie (voice)
Paula's Friend #2 (voice)
Female Mouse (voice)
Brian's Fan / School Board Woman (voice)
Vivian (voice)
Emma Stone / Barbara (voice)
Mother (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Room Service / Beauty Academy Secretary (voice)
Alexa / Meat Customer (voice)
Reporter (voice)
Tatum (voice)
Mother / Mummy Pig (voice)
Front Desk Clerk (voice)
Kate (voice)
Mall Shopper (voice)
College Girl / Joan of Arc (voice)
Dorothy Gale / Tracy Flannigan (voice)
Meg's Friend (voice)
Tanya (voice)
Helen Hunt (voice)
Jennifer (voice)
Female Bat (voice)
French Woman (voice)
Girl #2 in Commercial / Girl Jumping From the Tree (voice)
Olivia Fuller (voice)
Cheerleader (voice)
Nurse (voice)
Focus Group Tester (voice)
Waitress (voice)
Barbara / Maid Madelaine (voice)
Woman on Plane / 911 Operator (voice)
Heather / Stripper / School Nurse (voice)
Kitchen House Narrator (voice)
Beverly / Cheerleader (voice)
Answering Machine (voice)
Teacher / Woman in Lab Coat (voice)
Girl #3 (voice)
Future Quahog Mother (voice)
Miss Tammy (voice)

Gary Cole

Principal Shepherd (voice)
Mike Brady (voice)
Reporter (voice)
Principal Shepard (voice)
Principal Shepherd / Optometrist (voice)
Jerry Nelson / Various (voice)
Billy's Father (voice)
Bill Lumbergh / Priest (voice)
Chairman (voice)
Cop / Coach (voice)
Agent Jessup (voice)
Father O'Leary (voice)
Warren Fredericks (voice)
Mike Brady / Thug #1 (voice)
James 'Grizzly' Adams (voice)
Security Guard (voice)
Michael Eisner (voice)
Dr. Franklin (voice)
NCIS Fan (voice)

Jennifer Tilly

Bonnie Swanson (voice)

John Viener

Another Death (voice)
Announcer (voice)
TV Announcer (voice)
Rabbi (voice)
Helicopter Pilot (voice)
Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw (voice)
TV Announcer / Doctor / Devon (voice)
Yak (voice)
Guy #1 (voice)
House Hunters Westeros Narrator (voice)
Radio Announcer / TV Announcer (voice)
Roger (voice)
Doctor (voice)
Deliverman (voice)
Man in Bar (voice)
Saxophonist (voice)
Investment Ad Narrator (voice)
Randall Even Battencourt (voice)
Captain Beckman / Nielsen Guy / NBA Announcer (voice)
Vladimir Putin (voice)
Subway Announcer (voice)
Insurance Adjuster (voice)
Vohn Jiener (voice)
French Theme Song Singer (voice)
Realtor / Dyslexic Announcer #2 (voice)
Camp Counselor (voice)
Johnny Feedback Robinson / Nike President (voice)
Big Brother Narrator / TV Announcer (voice)
Announcer / Man at Meeting (voice)
Major General Captain / Pilgrim (voice)
Baseball Umpire (voice)
Villager (voice)
Elwood Edwards (voice)
Norwegian Man / Announcer (voice)
Tea Party Rally Speaker (voice)
Police Chief (voice)

Ralph Garman

Various (voice)
Police Officer (voice)
Manager / Scientist / Maitre d' / Guy (voice)
Cab Driver (voice)
Alex Jones (voice)
Peter's Customer / Tea Party Member (voice)
Piece of Pizza / Detective (voice)
Jeffrey Fecalman (voice)
Waiter (voice)
Mobster (voice)
Paul Simon / Agent Jenkins / Jeff Foxworthy (voice)
Dog in the Window (voice)
Jeremy Piven / Masturbator (voice)
Police Detective #1 (voice)
Father (voice)
Woodrow Wilson (voice)
Charles Bronson (voice)
Doug's Father (voice)
O'Malley (voice)
Bowling Alley Dad (voice)
Georgie (voice)
Man (voice)
H (voice)
Dustin Hoffman (voice)
Criminal (voice)
Garbageman (voice)
Janitor #1 (voice)
Paramedic (voice)
Spa Employee / Rabbi / Guy on Crutches (voice)

Lori Alan

Diane Simmons / Girl (voice)
Diane Simmons as Imperial Newscaster (voice)
Diane Simmons / Lady (voice)
Diane Simmons / Eva Braun (voice)
Diane Simmons / Charles Lindbergh's Wife (voice)
Diane Simmons / Coco (voice)
Diane Simmons / Jolene (voice)

Alec Sulkin

Man (voice)
Jesus Christ (voice)
Jesus Christ / Dog / Excavator (voice)
Jewish Guy #1 (voice)
Wavyhair Doucheston
Doctor / Tomik (voice)
Mole (voice)
New York Mook (voice)
Sharhooz (voice)
Moise the Low Energy Bar Mitzvah Clown (voice)
Guy at Book Reading (voice)
Superman / Co-Worker #2 / Cop (voice)
Cobra (voice)
Floyd (voice)
Paramedic #1 (voice)
Fish #1 / Indian Trite / Jewish Man (voice)
Adam Kenneth Handleman / Movie Clerk / Blind Guy (voice)
Turtle / Nude Vampire / Kate's Dad (voice)
Guard #2 (voice)
Jim Brady (voice)
Slave / Thomas Jefferson (voice)
Fat Boy #2 / Pirate / Robber #2 (voice)
Rabbi (voice)
Blue Ghost / Judd Nelson / Chicken's Friend (voice)
Gym Teacher / Doctor (voice)
Twin #1 / Italian Son #1 (voice)
Waiter / Guard (voice)

Danny Smith

Ernie the Giant Chicken (voice)
Man (voice)
Announcer (voice)
Mall Santa #2 (voice)
Janitor #2 (voice)
Patrick Pewterschmidt / Emcee / Lamb / Fat Boy #3 (voice)
TV Announcer (voice)
Emcee / Magician (voice)
Bird / Jewish God (voice)
Mobster (voice)
Co-Worker #3 / Jew / Camera Guy (voice)
Rabbi (voice)
Meeting Group / Singing Animals (voice)
Game Show Host / Methodist / Cop #2 / Crowd Audience #1
Buskin (voice)
Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell (voice)
Fish #3
Casting Director (voice)
Robin Williams / Chicken (voice)
Letter Butler (voice)
Barber / Customer / Spiderman (voice)
Sailor #1 / Cat (voice)
Random Guy / TV Announcer (voice)

John G. Brennan

Mort Goldman (voice)
Horace (voice)
Mort Goldman / Horace (voice)
Man #2 (voice)
Mort Goldman (voice) (uncredited)
Horace / Mort Goldman (voice)
Mort Goldman / Bill Gates (voice)
Zima Bottle (voice)
Mort Goldman as Lando Calrissian (voice)
Mort Goldman as Innkeeper (voice)

Phil LaMarr

Judge (voice)
Ollie Williams (voice)
Announcer / Judge (voice)
Tourist at Gettysberg (voice)
Judge / TV Announcer (voice)
The Screaming Black Dolphins (voice)
Customer / Ollie Williams / TV Announcer (voice)
Pizza Customer / Basketball Player (voice)
Muddy Waters (voice)
Deliveryman (voice)
Portland (voice)
N-Word Jim / Fat Albert / Jesse Jackson (voice)
Gambler Dan / Rupert (voice)
Bernard Shaw / Alfonso Ribeiro (voice)
Ollie Williams / Pimp / Minister (voice)
Black Guy (voice)
Congressman / Pa (voice)
Professor (voice)
Doctor / Judge / Lawyer (voice)
Minister (voice)
Burglar / Caveman / Ollie Williams (voice)
Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding / Judge (voice)
Judge / Ollie Williams (voice)
Royal Crier (voice)
Guard (voice)
Parishoner #2 / Doctor (voice)
Medic / Ollie Williams (voice)
Morgan Freeman (voice)

Alexandra Breckenridge

Girl #1 (voice)
Rob's Ex / Spider-Man's Girlfriend (voice)
Hot Date (voice)
Masseuse / Rape Victim / Kate Austen (voice)
Dog Owner (voice)
Emcee (voice)
Mrs. Callaghane / Waitress / Female Customer (voice)
Cybill Shepherd (voice)
Teacher / Club Girl (voice)
Popular Kid #6 (voice)
A Checkout Girl in a Cheap Dress Who Wants to Be a Model (voice)
Miss Emily (voice)
Woman in Park (voice)
Jane / Kate / Roxanne (voice)
Sassy (voice)
Tori (voice)
Hudson's Mother (voice)
Patty (voice)
Theater Attendee / Angry Mob Woman (voice)
Stewie's Customer (voice)
Woman (voice)
Bachelorette Party Attendant (voice)
Bond Girl (voice)
Christina Aguilera (voice)
Renee Zellweger (voice)

Wally Wingert

Man (voice)
The Grinch / Various (voice)
Fred Rogers / Various (voice)
Austin Powers (voice)
Wally (voice)
Announcer #1 / Corner Man (voice)
Auctioneer (voice)
KFC Employee (voice)
Dr. Bruce Kaplan (voice)
The Pawtucket Patriot / Bert (voice)
Ornithologist (voice)

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